Coranavirus (COVID 19) Update

corana virus (covid-12)

To us safety is number one. Particularly in this difficult time, our sensitivity to safety has doubled. Our goal is to ensure that our home assistants are kept up-to-date on the COVID-19 virus. This is our one critical measure to ensure their personal safety and the safety of our families.

gloves and booties
Providing Gloves and Booties to our home assistants
We are providing our home assistants with gloves and booties that we can ensure germs are not transmitted and keep our families safe
stay safe
Helping our home assistants to stay safe
We are working to provide pocket sanitizer to all our home assistants as they travel from family to family, they can ensure they are free of germs and viruses
Upholding our Community responsibilities
Working with our home assistants to ensure they understand the impact of Covid-19 and what they can do to prevent themselves and our family from the virus.

In addition to championing preventive measures and encouraging our home assistants to exercise their best judgement, we aim to further protect our families in the following ways.

When providing service, our home assistants are required to:

  • wash-hands Wash hand upon entering and before exiting each family’s home
  • booties Wear fresh pair of booties over shoes when entering each family’s home
  • gloves Wear gloves while working with in each family’s home
  • mask Wear face mask while working in each family’s home